1. Day 4 - legs

    Today was my 4th day of Jamie Eason “burning the fat”. It focused on legs. Let me tell you, my legs were DEAD after. I’ve always thought I has strong legs. I’ve swam, played water polo, ran a half marathon… Today proved to me that I’m not as strong as I thought. Trying to do 3 sets of 12 “clean”, was a process in itself. I mean.. I was using a 20 lb barbell. Uhhh TWENTY POUNDS and I was having major difficulties. All I can say is, it will probably hurt to sit down to pee tomorrow. Annnnd that I’m pretty excited to see the day when I can do a lot more than just 20lbs.

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  3. I need a bike

    So, I’ve decided I need a bicycle. Even though I haven’t owned one in over 12 years and the last time I was actually on one, was a beach cruiser in Huntington Beach while drinking.
    BUT, my gym is only 3 miles from my house so I wouldn’t imagine it taking that long to get there. Because, let’s be honest, I’m not exactly a fast runner. So it would probably take twice as long running, than it would riding a bike.
    Now… I’m off to search craigslist!

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  4. Sleep evades me

    I know sleep is an important factor in weight loss. But I have no idea how to turn my brain off! I’ve been tossing and turning for almost 2 hours. Finally I got bored and decided to tumble…

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  5. Dinner

    I should have taken a picture of my dinner before I completely scarfed it down. Baked chicken that was coated in cayenne pepper with black beans and diced tomato topped with fresh tomato salsa. Still under my calorie goal tho..

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  6. Day 2

    Today was my second day of Jamie Eason’s fat loss workout. It was just 30-40 minutes of cycling but I really pushed it. I made that short cardio workout count!

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  7. Don’t be afraid to be amazing
    – Andy Offutt Irwin

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  9. All that shimmers in this world is sure to fade

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  10. Roommate love

    "this ass ain’t gonna eat itself!" *realizing what was just said, busts into tear laughing*
    “please don’t eat my ass”
    *more laughter*

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